Luna Bliss LLC was created from the idea of two sisters, Brittany and Jennifer,who while on their own journey, looking for answers,wanted to create products that would assist others on their own spiritual path.

Here is our story………As children,we would seem to have identical spiritual experiences that made us aware of a higher being. We now know that we were experiencing astral travel, communication with spirit and other events, that a times were scary but we knew it was something special. These experiences created a bond between us, that would spark our curiosity and passion to learn more about ourselves, our connection with the earth and our relationship with god.

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Our family has a long ancestral line of healers, empaths and the ability to channel and connect on a spiritual level. It wasn’t a total surprise it started happening to us. It was the start of wanting to learn as much as possible about the power of crystals, moon charging, holistic healing methods and a way to create a stronger connection with spirit and most importantly helping others.

Over the years there has been wonderful changes in the culture of the metaphysical world. Reiki, meditation and intuitiveness is now being widely accepted. We are now able to connect with like minded people and share our experiences with no judgement passed. We are living in a vast universe where anything and everything is possible to bring into fruition. Our mission is to spread loving energy to this planet, that so desperately needs it and to create products that use nature’s natural energy, to heal and come together. 

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Our wish is that each product brings you a sense of comfort in the mind, body and soul. Luna Bliss hopes to encourage growth and guidance while assisting you on your own spiritual journey to become more empowered and find your light within.